Cover Letter Assignment

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The purpose of this assignment is to create a memorable and professional cover letter, tailored to a specific job posting that is of interest to you.


Compose a cover letter for a job or internship of interest to you. Log-on to the UMKC Roo Career Network, the classified ads, or a regional or national search engine and find a “real world” internship or job posting to tailor your letter toward. Address the letter to a logical person at the company that would be hiring for this position (this might require you to call for information). You may use the person specified on the job, if your description was specific. If, after making a thorough search and calling, you cannot find a name for the recipient you may use the phrase “Dear Hiring Manager” or “Dear Selection Committee” as a last resort.

In the cover letter, clearly identify the position for which you are applying and highlight skills you possess that will help you succeed in the specific position. Provide specific examples to show you have knowledge of the position and the organization. Connect your experiences to what you can do for the employer and explain how you will use your skills in the position.

Indicate in the conclusion that you are enclosing your résumé and give your contact information again. Include a call for action. You do not need to include your résumé with this assignment.

Include the text of the job advertisement at the end of your letter, on a separate page.


Letter format


Approximately 1 page

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