Create an Innovation (Benchmark Assignment)

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Evaluate the internal processes or strategies within an
organization in which you are involved, such as your workplace, school,
church, or community group, in order to identify a problem that provides
an opportunity for innovation. Then, determine an innovative solution
for addressing that problem. Examples of potential solutions are
entering a new market, implementing a new practice or process, or even
changing management structures. The ultimate goal of your solution
should be to increase the diffusion of innovation within the
organization and contribute to a culture that appreciates innovation as a
key to competitive advantage and organizational success.

Though your final paper will not be due until the end of the course,
you should identify your problem and generate potential solutions early
on. Begin drafting your implementation plan in stages as you work
through the course topics. As with your CLC project, you should research
and select a model for evaluating both the feasibility of your idea and
the implementation plan.

  1. Describe the problem your innovation targets. What is the scope of
    the problem and which stakeholders, both within the organization and
    without, does it impact?
  2. Describe your innovation and explain how it addresses the problem.
    How will it meet the needs of the organization and all stakeholders
  3. How does the innovation contribute to the organization’s competitive advantage?
  4. Develop an implementation plan for effectively diffusing the
    innovation within the organization. Make sure the plan addresses
    potential resistance and obstacles, including people and processes.
  5. Identify an appropriate method that could be used for measuring the
    impact of the innovation on the organization. Explain why you think this
    is a relevant measure.
  6. Finally, assume your innovation is adopted by the organization. Make
    recommendations for additional improvements within in this organization
    (in processes, practices, structures, etc.) that could create and
    sustain momentum for innovation.

Include at least eight in-text citations from at least five secondary resources from your research.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA
Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not

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