Epidemiology assignment Part 1: Vital Registry Systems, writing homework help

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This purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to use descriptive epidemiology to calculate the amount and distribution of disease.

Part 1: Vital Registry Systems

  1. Research the vital registry or disease surveillance data from your home state, or any state in the U.S.

  2. Choose one (1) health status measure that interests you.

  3. Document the following data in a table using Microsoft Excel 2010. Note: You must create an original data table. Do not cut and paste a data table.

    • Identify three consecutive reporting periods (usually calendar years) of incidence or prevalence data. Identify the reporting periods.
    • Identify the population characteristic (age group, gender, race/ethnicity, location) included in the health measure.
  4. Write a brief descriptive summary of your research findings. (An appropriate length is one to two paragraphs). Include your summary in the same file as your table.

Part 2: Displaying Data

Presenting data in a method that informs an audience, illustrates the relevant aspects of a study and simplifies complex concepts is a critical skill epidemiologists must develop. As a future healthcare professional, you also must develop basic skills to display your research.

  1. Using the data table you developed in Part 1, create a chart or graph using Microsoft Excel 2010 to illustrate your research. Develop this chart or graph in the same file as Part 1.
  2. Briefly explain why you chose the chart or graph to display your data. You may type this information in the Excel file with the chart.
  3. Consider your target audience to be ECPI students.
  4. Use the figures found in the text and your vital records or disease surveillance research source as a reference.
  5. Label the X and Y axis of your graphs. Note: The rate of change between reporting periods is not required.

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