Fiction and reality

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Follow the instruction and I already wrote some outline and thesis . Add to them some reason and make the thesis more better Benefits of imagination


Fiction writing as composition, particularly short stories and books, that portrays nonexistent occasions and individuals. Secrets, sci-fi, sentiment, dream, chick lit, wrongdoing thrillers are all fiction types. In my view point, I am with fiction because it is creative thinking. innovative arrangements regularly rise out of accomplishing something that appears to be totally random to the issue you are attempting to comprehend. So, that helps our thought. For example: In this essay, I will talk about the reasons to fiction with some examples.

1. It would help to be a good writer.

A. The writer that wrote the novel books and fiction moves, they like imagination and that support them to be a professional writer in fiction side.

2. The fiction helps the person to ease stress.

A. Following a few minutes of imagination, when you take in, envision yourself breathing in a warm brilliant light that courses through your body and totally unwinds you.

B. According to quote’s Charlaine Harris which said “Fiction just makes it all more interesting. Truth is so boring.”

3. Thinking about the future by positive way.

A. Regardless of how crappy their life is, they pay special mind to the light toward the finish of the passage.

B. Happiness in all future and light of the end.

4. Builds your perception.

A. Notice the small details

B. Dreaming alto

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