field experience

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you will summarize your experience in a 500–750-word paper. Indicate the type of setting(s) you worked in and the duties you performed. In a detailed summary, describe the types of instructional activities you carried out, collaborative opportunities experienced within your placement, materials and resources accessed and how this field experience benefited your knowledge and understanding of children with exceptionalities.

Your field experience reflection must clearly tie your observations and the knowledge gained throughout this course together. You must use your textbook and at least 1 journal article outside of your textbook to support your learning experience.

This assignment must follow current APA guidelines and must include a title page and reference page. However, it is appropriate to use first-person language throughout this assignment.

Kirk et al.: chs. 10 (Textbook)

What was observed is below:

In observation of Ryan:

Teaching approach- Visual aids are used in conjunction with verbal explanation of items and task.

Scenario 1 –therapy at rehab observations

They conducted therapy in a gymnasium. Verbal instructions were given to remove shoes, a demonstration was given as the father and therapist sat on the floor and removed their shoes. During this process the word “shoes” was repeated multiple times while the therapist was pointing to the shoes. Ryan was instructed to say shoes.

The therapy approach used is a pressure free scenario, where Ryan is asked what he wants to play with. Ryan moved over to exercise balls, where he was prompted to say “ball”. Ball was said in the phonetic sense while each placing emphasis on each syllable. The word was repeated a few times until Ryan repeated the word and then pointed to the exercise ball, allowing for allocation of the word and the item (ball).

Ryan then climbed into the ball pit where he was instructed to identify specific color balls (e.g. Red, Blue, Yellow). If Ryan got the color right we would move onto the next color. If the identification of the color was missed, the color would be repeated and shown to strengthen the relationship between the word and the color of the ball pit ball.

Ryan also would roll an exercise ball up and down a ramp where he would be instructed to roll the ball, after he would follow the instruction he would be asked to say “roll”, he did not repeat the word, he would shake his head no, and just continue to roll it. Ryan would show the ASL sign for “roll” when he was instructed to say “roll”. While Ryan would roll the ball up and down the ramp, words like “up” and “down” would be emphasized. He would then be asked to say up while rolling the ball up the ramp and asked to say down when rolling the ball down the ramp.

Scenario 2 – During home observations

-Teaching would be done with a chalk board to identify colors with different colored chalk. Ryan would then be instructed to repeat the color of the chalk used.

– Reading of books occur where specific words are emphasized by repeating them and pointing to pictures, like animals, colors, terrain features, toys, and other items.

– Cut out matching puzzles would be used to allow Ryan to match animals where each word of the animal is said and Ryan is asked to repeat it.

– Toys used for counting would be use to instruct counting and identification of the symbolism of the number, he is then asked to say and point to the corresponding number, he struggles a bit with numbers.

– large legos are used to teach colors by separating the blocks by color. After repeated verbal instruction of the colors, he will be asked to repeat the color and point to or grab that color block.

Ryan’s response to not wanting to say a specific word is him saying no or shaking his head side to side signifying no.


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