formulate a series of 6 10 well constructed interview questions

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Select an event, series of events or product to study relevant to digital media and culture. Your case should highlight major issues in the world of digital media and culture.

Having selected your case (event, series of events or product) formulate a series of 6-10 well-constructed interview questions. This submission will amount to 300-500 words that includes a short summary of your case topic, your questions and reference to at least 2 publications from the academic literature that are relevant to the case. Include the questions, but not the references, in the word count. Further details

. The questions should be short (one or two sentences) and clear.

some examples:

  • The impact of the Wikileaks website
  • How the New York Times used 360 video in its promotions
  • Why Google Glass failed
  • What happened when Edward Snowden leaked classified NSA information
  • Will self-drive cars work on British roads?
  • How Sister Feng (Luo Yufeng) used the mass media to gain fame
  • Why I’m not allowed to fly a drone over Edinburgh
  • The impact of the Leveson inquiry into phone hacking by journalists
  • How users of Facebook were supposedly manipulated by Russian trolls in the US presidential election of 2016
  • The trial and pardon of Chelsea Manning
  • The restriction of UAVs (drones) at public events
  • A kickstarter fund raising success story: e.g. “The Order of the Stick” self-published webcomic
  • What Cambridge Analytica does, and why it matters
  • Moral panic over Facebook mood manipulation
  • Uneasy Lies The Mind, the first feature length movie shot entirely on the iPhone
  • How the band One Direction used social media to build its fan base
  • How campaigners used social media in the Brexit referendum
  • Moral panic over the woman caught on camera putting a cat in a wheelie bin
  • How hackers compromised the Ashley Madison website, and the consequences
  • What happened when hackers extracted confidential data from Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • The role of digital communications in the so-called Arab Spring in Tunisia, Egypt, or Libya
  • Social media and the case of Peng Yu from Nanjing who was fined for helping someone after a fall in the street
  • The success of Jonathan Ive’s design for the iMac
  • What happened to Bob Stein’s (Atari) 1981 predictions about the future of networked computing, as revived in his 2012 blog posting
  • Gold farming in World of Warcraft gaming workshops
  • How cryptography secures blockchain transactions, and why it matters
  • The rise and fall of bitcoin
  • The role of smartphones in the European refugee crisis of 2015-16
  • Lulzsec and its successors
  • Find your own example …

Keep abreast of news reports. Interesting cases are emerging all the time, and some old cases are revisited in the media. Not all interesting cases make headline news in the UK.

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