National Education Databases Discussion Board

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FIRST: Identify and describe the e-services offered by your home state’s School Boards of Education on their websites. OR: Identify and describe e-services provided at your place of employment. SECOND: Categorize the information that is provided by the website(s) that you described above. For example, are the e-services related to Professional development; Employee benefits; and/or Learner data? Within your initial response ensure that you have written a substantive post of least 150 words with 2 references. In this forum, you need to post a minimum of 4 postings to receive full credit. Each discussion forum has an initial response, and 3 Peer Replies/critiques. (A minimum of 4 forum posts are required and include research related to the topic in your initial post and in response to others’ posts.)


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Additional Resources

Writing Resources

As indicated via the expectations for each case assignment essay, as well as our session long project – all submissions are to reflect graduate level research and writing skills. The following web-based resources provide excellent guidance toward this end.

APA 6th Edition Citation Style, Citation Style Management (2010). Cornell University Library. Retrieved May 2012 from…

APA formatting and style guide (2009), from the Online Writing Lab at Purdue. Retrieved May 2012 from .

APA Overview and Workshop (2009), from the Online Writing Lab at Purdue. Retrieved May 2012 from

Avoiding Plagiarism (2009), from the Online Writing Lab at Purdue. Retrieved May 2012 from

Grammar and Mechanics (2009), from the Online Writing Lab at Purdue. Retrieved May 2012 from


Also, please use resource below to explore additional literature support for your topic: search engine sites such as Google

Google Scholar:

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