Omani Business Environment Studies. 4 pages

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Choose an Omani business company, answer all questions and write a report about your findings. Below are the main areas that should be covered in the report:

Write about Mustafa Sultan Enterprises company in Oman

  1. Write an introduction in which you will briefly highlight the portfolio of the chosen product based brand
  2. Based on the results of your analysis in question number 2, suggest an explained action plan to overcome weaknesses (W) and threats (T) of the Sector.
  3. After explaining the benefit of Oman Vision 2040 to the Sector , show its implications on the chosen Sector or at least highlight the expectations of the sector?

Please Very well provided, complete full page, well structured, stated the goals and objectives of the assignment, briefly include the chosen company name, location, mission statement, products and services. At least 6 products and services

2. Do a SWOT’s analysis for the same brand. List 10 point of each step’s.

  • At least 6 full pages
  • Very Well Explanation of what is SWOT and when to be used, two citations and references to be given.
  • How can SWOT analysis indicate key success of decision making, two citations
  • Draw, Design SWOT Table for each element with all related issues, student to list out 10 bulletin issues i.e Strength = 10 , Weaknesses = 10 , Opportunity = 10 , Threats = 10each.
  • Detailed explanation of the top 6 issues for each elements.
  • At least 4 full pages
  • Student to list out the most critical risks and weaknesses to at least 06 each
  • Student to design action plan to overcome the each issue and suggest better way forward.
  • Student to very well explain why such action plan would be the best scenario to the selected company


action plan


action plan

  • At least 2 full pages
  • Students has very well explained what is Oman Vision 2020, at least 2 citations
  • Students has very well explained the main areas that Oman Vision 2020 focused at, at least 6 main areas
  • Student has very well explained what is SME’s and how can SME’s play a key success to Oman Vision 2020 at least 2 citations
  • Students to clearly highlight what could be the expectation of the selected company towards the Oman Vision 2020, at least 6 major expectations.
  • Well analysis and conclusion of what went wrong and why

5. Write a conclusion in which you will make sure to incorporate your findings .

Well provided, complete full page, stated the conclusion of the study. Conclusion very clearly reflects on the selected company main findings and provides at least 6 recommendations to the company.

Plagiarism please its zero or 3%

Plagiarism please its zero or 3%

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