one renaissance work of art

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This assignment asks you to identify a renaissance work of art using the time line as indicated in the book. Be prepared to give a very brief, informal presentation on the work and to submit a three page analysis with MLA format works cited page citing all sources used.

minimum of three page

Thesis: the purpose of this analysis is to look closely at one renaissance work of art, or do a comparison or two or two related pieces in order to better understand the renaissance itself – your thesis should reflect this. An example is as follows: The color, shapes and subject of Raphael’; s Madonna exemplify the style of High Renaissance.

Suggestions: be sure to include title, artist and date. Identify work as southern or northern renaissance and explain how it either typifies or defies the conventions of the renaissance. For those of you who choose a topic that is not necessarily a particular work, consider defining/explaining the topic (ex: golden ratio) and then describing a few examples of how it occurs in renaissance art.

Be sure to focus on the work and not the general biographical information of the artist!

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