Please, write me a repose about his opinion on 1 or 2 paragraphs.

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Case 2.pdf

My classmate answered the question ”  Do you agree with Exhibit 5.1 (the consumer decision process)? Is the process always linear  ”  and he wrote his opinion on the discussion board.

Charts that map human behavior are
typically linear on paper, but real world examples do not always follow
suit.  In this case, I believe the consumer decision process is
certainly not linear, as individuals do not typically make decisions in a
linear fashion. If I were to recreate this chart, I would so using flow
chart diagrams and putting decision points at every stage, thereby
making it possible to loop endlessly at each stage.  A consumer does not
always make the decision, and can therefore terminate at any stage, or
even move back a stage due to information gathered at some point in the

As a marketer, I do not believe the consumer decision process starts
with “Need Recognition.”  In my opinion, there is a potential step prior
to this that is an opportunity for marketing professionals.  That stage
is “Product/Service Awareness.”  In order to realize you “need”
something or that a product or service may fit a potential empty space
in your life, you must first be aware of its existence.  Marketers do
have a responsibility to target those who already know and utilize the
product, but a bigger opportunity lies in those who have yet to be
informed (i.e. How can a person “need” something they don’t know

Please, write me a repose about his opinion on 1 or 2 paragraphs. 

I uploaded the case ( Exhibit 5.1) as a PDF file.


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