Respond to at least one classmate (appx. 100 words). ​ law

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Respond to at least one classmate (appx. 100 words).


Discussion Board:

Is health care becoming Walmart? Okay, maybe not literally. However, with consolidation of health care facilities, the decline of independent physician practices and the folding in of ancillary services, healthcare is more a business than ever. That is not necessarily a bad thing, as size creates efficiencies to be reflected in lower costs and better outcomes.

How do you view these seismic shifts in the healthcare industry? Are we evolving toward a better industry model?


Health care today is evolving for the better and the worse simultaneously. Trend such as telehealth, electronic health records, mergers etc. are changing the health care industry and are major influencers in the industry. Technology is an ever evolving phenomenon that can create better opportunities for organization, physical space savers, and job streamlining. However, technology can lead to layoffs for current employees or lack of employment rates for individuals looking for current and future employment.

Hospital and health system mergers have influenced the industry when it comes to competition. Bigger hospitals have acquired smaller hospitals or two hospitals join forces to compete with leading competitors. In addition, pharmacies and insurers are merging where the insurer selects a specific pharmacy to be the source of patient’s prescriptions. Consumers do not have a choice where they can fill their prescription. This may not seem like a huge issue for most. However, not every person has a specific pharmacy in their neighborhood. For people that do not have a access to personal transportation or live in more rural areas, this creates a problem for them. All in all, the idea that hospitals are a business is not the issue. The main issue is how the business operates and how their mission can enhance lives for the better.

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