select only one strategy and answer all the questions

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Instructional Strategies Wiki

Think about the instructional strategies described and illustrated in the video as well as the chapter in Tomlinson and Imbeau. You will develop an instructional strategies wiki that can be used by any teacher as a resource.

Select only one instructional strategy from the following:

graphic organizers, scaffolding, small-group instruction, learning contracts, project based learning, independent study, learning/interest centers, WebQuests, expert groups, literature circles, anchor activities.

You must also include a second instructional strategy which will be tiered learning activities (everyone’s wiki will include tiered learning activities as a strategy).

Here is what you need to creatively include in your wiki for each strategy:

• A clear description of the instructional strategy and how to implement it in the classroom

• An example of this strategy in practice (a video you find or a video of your members using this strategy in the classroom)

• An explanation for why this strategy supports the principles of differentiated instruction

Finally, you must respond to the following two questions:

1. Consider the Tomlinson and Imbeau chapter: Teaching What You Believe. Which belief or beliefs is supported and justified by the instructional strategies you selected? Why?

2. How do Marzano’s strategies described in the video support differentiated instruction practices?

note: this is special education class and I’ll give you an example from my prof

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