two short paragraphs

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What are some things about the world you live in that makes you angry, disgusted, and/or sad? To begin systematically thinking about the nature of these things let’s call these problems “targets”. Decide on two targets and write a paragraph on each (about 300 words per paragraph). How do people experience the target? Who experiences it and why? Elaborate on what creates or causes the target to come about. Does it have one cause? Is there disagreement about what causes the target to occur? Finally, discuss how the design of technologies intersects with the target. What influence does technology design, information systems, and computational powers have on your targets?

I want one of the targets is cyberbullying.

Memo #1 Rubric :
Two targets selected – 2
Descriptions of two targets – 4
At least one cause identified for two targets – 2
Word count reached – 2

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