Answer Question Constitution/High Schoold SENIOR YEAR

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Answer each question well developed and based in facts

Minimun of 100 words for each question


  • What are the three branches of American government? For each, write a sentence explaining what that branch of government does.
  • There are five principles in the U.S. Constitution. For each, give an example of a place in the Constitution where this principle is expressed.
  • Why did the Framers of the Constitution create a mechanism for amending the Constitution but then make it very difficult to actually make any changes?


  • Why did some people want all states to have the same number of votes in the federal legislature? What did they fear?
  • Why did some people want representation to be based on population?
  • Do you think that the compromise creating a two-house chamber to balance the needs of smaller and larger states was the best solution? Explain.

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