Art Assignment.

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This week we will be talking about and reading about line. Your assignment is to draw an image in graphite or ink, or take a black and white photograph in which line is the primary visual element, that means the image should be mostly made up of lines, not just have line in it. This can be any type of line described in our text, (outline, contour, implied, expressive, grid, etc.) This is about how YOU see line. In your post you also need to include two sentences answering the following…

1. What kind of line is being used? (examples of different kinds of line are in your text).

2. What makes the image visually interesting to you? i.e. Why did you create it?

Double check to make sure your image is embedded and posted correctly. Also make sure your image is IN BLACK AND WHITE ONLY. Points will be deducted if it isn’t. An example would be…


1. The lines are expressive as they have a high degree of contrast against the sky and are full of dynamic angles and varying thicknesses, (line weight).

2. I took this image for a few reasons. First, I really like these trees as they change throughout the seasons and wanted them to be the subject of the assignment. Second, the view looking up is not a typical view of a tree, looking up into the canopy, without the horizon in view abstracts the image a bit emphasizing the linear quality of the branches.

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