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350 words minimum with 3 references.

Choose one of the following options to answer as your part three essay:

  • Option One: Give two examples of private action that has been imputed to be public action.
  • Option Two: Moonlighting by a public officer who works off-shift/duty for security firm can cause legal problems. Explain.
  • Option Three: Explain in detail the platinum platter theory. Do you think it has validity? Is it a rare case?
  • Option Four: When will state action arise from private action? Provide a series of examples and corresponding descriptions.
  • Option Five: Critique the Zelinski decision. Why has the case not generated a following?
  • Option Six: Critique any case of private action in the law of arrest, search, and seizure from your Selected Cases section of the text.
  • Option Seven: What do critics mean when they argue that while some advantages emerges from a lack of constitutional oversight, the price may be too high?
  • Option Eight: Lay out an explicit example of an overzealous application of the Bill of Rights in private security cases.
  • Option Nine: Where in the Constitution does private security receive attention? Why have the courts been so comfortable applying the citizen’s arrest standard to the industry?
  • Option Ten: Describe in detail the requirements for a citizen’s arrest. What variables must be considered in the determination whether the arrest is reasonable or not?
  • Option Eleven: Compare and contrast the law of citizen’s arrest with public arrest processes.

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