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I don’t think that southern states lagged behind the rest of the country when attracting immigrants, I just think when they migrated to the U.S. many didn’t go to the south.I grew up living in the south and I had one African American in my school. Also, there were about ten students that were from India and that was the only diversity I knew while growing up. I never viewed people differently and skin color wasn’t an issue. Now, the world is completely losing their mind since Donald Trump became president and all of this racist, white supremacy, and anti-religious rhetoric is all I hear on a daily basis. After so many laws have been passed to protect people, the country improved drastically and diversified so much, I felt, we as a nation was closer than ever to unity.

I thought finally we were all being treated equally. Then recently it feels like we took so many steps backwards, back to being blamed with no clear evidence of white supremacy, overt racism, and various prejudices against a strange or foreign “other.” (Griffin, McFarland, 2007, p.122) I have an open mind and accept all people if their intentions for me as a person are genuine and I can say I have learned those beliefs living in the south. Now we can’t even have an open debate with others without being called prejudiced, racist, etc. Especially being where I’m from, I’m stereotyped as being this horrible person, when I’m not simply because I’m from the south and hold conservative views. America has always been diversified and home to so many immigrants. Now, I’m almost disgusted to listen to the news or browse the Internet because the progress of this country is being destroyed before my eyes.


Griffin, L., & McFarland, K. (2007). “In My Heart, I’m an American”: Regional Attitudes and American Identity Southern Cultures, 13(4) 119-137,147.

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