Effective Leadership discussion

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As you continue to think about the drivers of engagement and the conditions that allow people to become fully engaged in their work, consider the following questions:

  • Think about the people you know who are not highly engaged at work. Why aren’t they? What’s holding them back?
  • Where do you see a lack of alignment between where people spend their time and effort and where you think they should be directing their effort? Why do you think that is?

These are engagement questions; for the answers, look to the team managers. Wherever you find a highly engaged team, there’s a strong chance the team has a leader who is setting clear goals, empowering employees, providing open and honest feedback, and treating employees fairly and with respect.

Employees are engaged when their managers help them to meet their basic needs. These include:

  • Being emotionally connected to others
  • Perceiving that they are part of something significant with coworkers whom they trust
  • Being cognitively engaged with their work
  • Knowing what is expected of them and having what they need to do their work
  • Having opportunities to feel an impact and fulfillment in their work
  • Having chances to improve and develop

The goal of this project is to identify what’s being done well by others and to look for strategies and behaviors that are repeatable, both by other managers/team leaders and by HR.


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