Essay- Final Project

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Your final project is a compilation of your milestones that incorporates feedback and suggestions from your instructor. It should flow as a comprehensive plan and be 12 to 15 pages in length. This does not include the executive summary or reference page. The executive summaryshould summarize the key elements of your plan. Consider this an overview for anyone taking a quick glance at your plan, such as an investor or executive. It is the written version of an elevator pitch. Some of the key points in the executive summary may include the following:

  • The need/problem
  • How the company will solve it
  • Details of the target market
  • How the company’s solution differs from that of the competition
  • Future expectations, goals, or milestones

The executive summary should be no more than 250 words in length. It should excite the reader about proposed business venture or activities. It should provide enough detail for the reader to understand the overall business project, should the reader decide not to read the actual business plan. The module resource articles will provide ideas for what should be included in each section of the executive summary.

Attached is the guidelines and rubrics for this paper ( MTA). 15-20 pages in total.You can use information of the previous papers for the MTA.

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