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Lynn is an attorney. She is also a divorce mediator. She gets a call from Joanie and Chachi. They are looking for a mediator so they can get a divorce. They said they knew that a mediator is cheaper than a lawyer.

When Joanie and Chachi arrive at Lynn’s office, they begin to discuss their issues and what they are looking for from a mediator. Lynn informs them that they both should have their own attorneys as well, to look over any settlement they reach. Chachi flies into a rage and tells Joanie she is a bleeping bleep, that this was too good to be true, that there would be a catch, and she is a bleeping bleep for dragging him her. Joanie does not look too surprised by this fit of rage.

Lynn gives them a few minutes alone. When she returns, they tell Lynn they do want to proceed but neither will get a lawyer. They say that they will do all of the paperwork themselves, and that they will just go off of the advice they receive from Lynn because she is a lawyer.

Lynn now has to decide if she should take this mediation case. Should she? Focus on the ethics issue and explain in detail.

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