Human Population Growth

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Explores significant aspects of human population growth
which should be in the form of descriptive or explanatory paragraph and flow
from one topic to another not in question and answer format.

The report should include the following sections Introduction,
World and Regional Population Trends, Total Fertility Rate and Replacement
Fertility, Trends in the United States, Conclusion and Bibliography.

Population Reference Bureau’s 2012 World Population Data Sheet. Other valuable resource materials:
Interactive Map for the 2012 World Population Data Sheet. 

Video: “Noncommunicable Diseases and Youth in Developing Countries.” 

Video, “The World at 7 Billion.” 

2012 Population Clock 

Fact sheets describing world population trends, noncommunicable diseases, unmet need for family planning, and the decline in U.S. fertility. 

Graphics from the 2012 World Population Data Sheet. 

PRB’s Population Handbook, 6th edition (2011)

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