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You are going to produce the first block of a newscast from the opening (or preshow tease) all the way through the first commercial break.

It must have at minimum of 5 stories

Must have a script for at least one of each of the following types of stories. COPY, VO, SOT, VO/SOT, PKG

Your total time must be between 7:30 – 9 minutes.

When timing out you scripts each line of anchor text is 2.5 seconds. (2 lines is = 5 seconds)

Be sure to add the package and SOT times to your Total Story Times.(upper right of each script) VO times are needed for the director but do NOT need to be calculated into the Total Story Time.

At least 3 of your stories must have a twitter message

The animated show open is 20 seconds long be sure to include that in your rundown

You will write scripts for each story, including a preshow tease and a (2 part) tease before commercial break (tease a sports story and a national story) that will end the A block.

There is a Word Document for you to download at the top of this assignment that contains a blank rundown to fill out.

You will submit through blackboard the word document (or a PDF) of your rundown and scripts. You can submit your exercise as many times as you need to. The last one handed in will be graded.

Deadline is by class on Tuesday, May, 2nd, 2017 8:00am


A running Time Calculator to help you out.

A character counter for tweets

Script Template:





===(TAKE TAG)===



Director’s Notes:




News Stories: (You may use these stories or add your own)

About 1:30 this morning, a man entered the Tip Top Club on the square in Troy and started shooting. Three people were wounded, one seriously. They’re hospitalized in Troy. Police are seeking a white male about 6 feet tall who was wearing a YETI cap and between 20 and 28 years of age for questioning. Reporter Avery Slotnick has a 1:45 package.

You have a :25 sound bite from a Troy City Council member, Luke Barnfarther, who points out this is the third time this year police have been called to the Tip Top Club because of trouble at the bar (outcue: ‘another tragedy.”) Barnfarther would like to see the bar’s liquor license reviewed.

The Iota Sigma fraternity at Troy University held its annual Bowl-A-Thon for Tourette’s Syndrome yesterday. The event raised some $1,207.00 in donations. Steve Landecker is the frat’s VP for philanthropy. He spoke about the event for 20 seconds. The outcue for his sound bite is “for a worthy cause.”

The Pike County Sheriff held a press conference today. Assistant director of the Alabama Dept. of Homeland Security, Becky LaRoche and representatives of the county Emeragency Management Agency also attended. Sheriff Buck Murdock announced that a federal DHS grant in the amount of $58,000 will be used to equip the Sheriff’s Dept. and vehicles with new radios. You have VO of the presser, and a :22 sound bite from the sheriff, outcue “twenty-first century.”

Also this morning, Troy firefighters were called to put out a blaze at the Troy Duck Decoy manufacturing plant. When they arrived, the building was fully engulfed in flames. It took over an hour to extinguish the fire, and the warehouse and assembly plant were totally destroyed. The owners don’t know what they’ll do. The cause of the fire is unknown. Reporter Ashlee Burnbottam has a 1:30 package.

Omega Omega Sorority is collecting shoes to send to children who live in Brazil. Two of the sisters met members of a tribe of indigenous people who had never seen shoes and were fascinated by them during a mission trip last spring. They are collecting all kinds of shoes, both new and used. Cindy Bodicker, who is heading the drive for OO, gave a :17 sound bite that ended with “smiles on their faces.” OO has a table set up in the Trojan Center Food Court where students and others can bring shoes.

The Johnson Center for Fine Arts is a museum in Troy. It is open Wednesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 10 to 3. There is a new exhibit at the Johnson Center for Fine Arts in downtown Troy. It features various art forms in various media by artists who are vetrerans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The art works depict the vets experiences in the wars. Reporter Christian Windall has provided a 1:25 package on the exhibit, which runs through the Tuesday after Veterans Day.

Six abandoned houses have burned in Pike County during 2012. Arson is suspected in all cases. You have VO video of all. This morning, the Pike County Sheriff’s office announced that it has arrested Wayne Rucks and charged him with at least two of the arsons. Rucks is 26 years old and is a member of the Goshen Volunteer Fire Dept. Investigators for the Sheriff’s office say

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