Physical Security

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Read the article titled, “Enterprise Information Security Management Based on Context-Aware RBAC and Communication Monitoring Technology,” located at Use the Internet to research organizations that have experienced problems and challenges similar to the ones in the article.

  1. Examine the security problems and challenges that organizations experienced in the past year
  2. Compare and contrast the environment at the organization you researched when it experienced these security problems and challenges to the environment of at least one (1) other organization who experienced similar issues. Speculate as to whether or not the environment of the companies had anything to do with the problems and issues that they experienced
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of two (2) of the solutions that the organization implemented in order to overcome the security problems and challenges that they experienced. Provide a rationale for your response
  4. Compare and contrast the physical security program of the organization you researched with one (1) other researched organization’s physical security program. Give your opinion as to which of the organizations has a more effective and successful physical security. Provide a rationale for your response
  5. Use at least three (3) quality references within the past [1] year in this assignment.

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