power point on Gonorrhea

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HEA 205; Human Sexuality Power-point Presentation

The following are the topics from which you can choose to develop your power-point

presentation. If you have a topic of interest that does not appear on the list, make an inquiry with

the instructor (in the discussion board forum) to have the topic approved, prior to beginning the


The presentation must contain a minimum of 15 slides. Please include a cover slide with the title

of your presentation, your name, and your class section (HEA 205 #____). Also include a

reference or works cited slide at the end of your presentation. These two slides ARE NOT

INCLUDED IN THE 15 SLIDE REQUIREMENT! You are required to use a minimum of three

(3) resources other than your textbook. Please note, your grade will reflect the effort of work

and time you put into your presentation. A minimum number of slides and creativity will warrant

a comparable grade. So, please plan and organize well. The presentation will be due by 11:59 pm

on Dec. 8, 2017.

Please include the following about your topic: Background or epidemiology, age group or people

affected or engaged in the practice, any signs or symptoms, indications, contra-indications,

management, treatment, cures, if any. Feel free to add any information or material that would

enhance the quality of your presentation. Please remember that this is an academic assignment:

no slang terminology. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation will be taken into consideration while

grading. Creativity will also be taken into consideration while grading. Please do not copy and

paste information from other sources. A true power point presentation contains bullets of

information and may be a brief statement here or there. Do not copy paragraphs of information

from other sources and paste them into your slides…this is plagiarism. If you do you use

someone else’s thoughts or ideas, properly cite (MLA Format) within the slide and give credit to

the author. Then, place the reference on the reference or works cited slide (MLA Format) at the

end of your presentation. No late assignments will be accepted without proper medical or legal

documentation! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

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