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CJS 221

and Offenders

The content this week
covered aspects of victims and offenders in the criminal justice system. You
were provided links to multiple sites that offer information related to crime
data on victimization, hate crime, human trafficking, and public perception. This
information is important for your assignment and in your career.

Create an 8 to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation,
with detailed speaker notes, in which you do the following:

  • Provide at least 2 theoretical
    explanations for offending and victimization related to race and
    ethnicity. Include juveniles and gangs in your explanation (for example,
    conflict theory).
  • Define hate crime and provide
    an example.
  • Explain offender rates and
    statistical data for race, minority, and ethnic groups in criminal justice.

Format all citations and
references in accordance with APA guidelines and instructor policy.
Slides without speaker notes; title & reference slides are not counted.

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