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Hello Dr.O’Neal, and Classmates,

There are different types of restrictions that may be placed on government revenues. One restriction is by capping them at a fixed dollar amount. Another restriction is limiting the growth rate. There are factors affecting the growth rate, which is that the growth rate must match increase in population, inflation, personal income, or some form of combination of the factors (Urban Institute, Brookings Instution,2016 ). However at the “ same time, state and federal governments are imposing more mandates on counties, with out providing adequate funding “(Griffith, Harris &,Dr. Istrate,2016 ). These state restrictions may include the types of taxes that the counties may implement. These restrictions/limitation may be rates of permitted taxes, the total revenue collected, and property assessment(Griffith, Harris, & Dr. Istrate, 2016 ).

There are several alternatives that public administrators may examine when met with severe budgeting restrictions. One alternative is “Legalization of Marijuana, which can provide a new revenue stream for counties “(Griffith, Harris, & Dr. Istrate, 2016 ). Another alternative is being partners with cities, other counties, non profit organizations and the private sector to deliver high quality services to their residents in a cost efficient manner (Griffith, Harris, & Dr. Istrate,


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