The Process of Recording Good News, psychology homework help

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Each day, continue to record at least one piece of “good news” in your life (again, you do not need to share your personal thoughts, addressing the questions regarding the process is the key to this particular learning activity).

If you are experiencing difficulty remembering to write down good news, find a trigger to remind you.

If you are having difficulties thinking about positive things because your mind wanders to the problems in your life, discipline yourself to think now about the positive.

You will have plenty of time later to think about the other things that are on your mind.

Remember, there is always your favorite music, time at the beach, great films, or being with somebody special; these, too, are good news. So, no matter what your concerns or fears are, there is always some good news, also.

Write at least two full paragraphs about the process of recording good news and how that process may bring about cognitive change. Is it hard or easy?

Does it get easier or harder over time?

Do you find that engaging in this practice has effects on other aspects of your habits of thought?

What effect does this practice have on your mood and your life?

MLA with reference

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