Two assignments: Autonomous and Positive Face / Forgiveness and Reconciliation

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Must be original. No Plagiarism. Must have references and references must be cited in the body of the work.

1. Autonomous
and Positive Face

Supporting an autonomous and positive face can be challenging. There are times
when an autonomous and positive face can create conflict. 

Provide an example of a time that this has happened to you or someone you know
in your professional and personal experience. What did you do to resolve the
issues of autonomous and positive face? Are the strategies you used for each

2. Forgiveness
and Reconciliation

Forgiveness can be an integral part in conflict resolution and even a strong
factor in psychological and physical health. Some philosophers state that
forgiveness is a gift to the person doing the forgiving, not necessarily for
the forgiven.  

In a minimum of 250 words, discuss whether you agree or disagree with this
statement?  Should forgiveness and reconciliation be the ultimate goal for
all conflict resolution?  Support your answer with appropriate resources.

Article that can be used for these two assignments: 

week 4 article 1 out.pdf 

Article cited info: 

  • Hartman,
    R.L., and Crume, A.L. (2007). Public forum mediation: A training exercise
    for conflict facilitation skills. Industrial and Commercial
    Training, 39
    (3), 137. doi: 1343646601

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