unit 506 discussion

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unit 4 Discussion

active participation in discussion threads is critical to the development of
your understanding of the main concepts studied in this unit. Further, posting
detailed responses allows your professor to guide your thinking and your
classmates to respond to your ideas. Please participate as early in the week as
possible, and be sure to share your thoughts and ideas as often as you can
throughout the unit.

to both of the threads below. Your original response should be at least 350
words and should reflect the fact that you have completed the assigned readings
for the week. Remember, this is your chance to illustrate not only your
understanding, but also your mastery of the materials for the unit. Use your
words wisely so the posting has substance and includes examples and
explanations. Limit the use of direct quotes, and do your best to critically
evaluate and synthesize the literature in your own words wherever possible.
Make sure to include in-text citations and a reference list as appropriate.

this unit, we will discuss physical, cognitive, social, and emotional
development through the study of neuroscience, Piagetian theory, Eriksonian,
theory, social learning theory, and the expression of cognitive skill through

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at least 350 words

early childhood, the brain reaches about 70% of its total weight with the
growth of white matter (protects the brain) and grey matter (responsible for
covering cerebral regions). However, the grey matter cells still need to be
connected in order to activate the full function of the brain. There are a
number of different areas of the brain that will connect during the early
childhood period of rapid growth. Using your understanding of brain development
and Piaget’s pre-operative stage of cognitive development, respond to the
following scenario.

Childhood Interventions

work as an early childhood specialist with an at-risk population of children
through Head Start. One of your job functions is to assess children for
possible developmental learning delays. To do this, you have to understand how
poor nutrition, exposure to infectious diseases, and lack of parental knowledge
related to accessing services could interfere with the cognitive development of
young children.

your knowledge of basic brain development and Piagetian theory, respond to the
following questions.

  1. What developmental problems do you expect children in
    your Head Start program to have because of living in a lower
    socio-economic neighborhood? Explain your response using support from the
  2. According to Piaget, children ages two to seven are in
    the pre- operative stage of development. Using the scenario above, explain
    the importance of make-believe play and its uses in working with children.
    Create a plan for using play with three-year-old clients that would allow
    you to assess cognitive development.

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at least 350 words

young children’s cognitive systems are still immature, particularly their
prefrontal cortex (center of planning and logic), they tend to express emotions
as soon as they are felt. Their limbic systems (activates emotions) develop
earlier in life than parts of the cerebral cortex, so one of their important
tasks is learning to identify and appropriately express emotions. Socializing
becomes more important, and they further develop their sense of self through
these interactions. Keep this in mind as you respond to the following

  1. Research child-raising practices of the culture of your
    choice and predict their psychosocial development (Erikson’s theory) based
    on your research. Be sure to support your ideas using specific information
    from the initiative vs. guilt stage of development.
  2. Using the same research that you collected for the
    first question, develop a plan to help parents (of your chosen culture)
    teach their young children appropriate ways to express their aggression.
    Use your understanding of social learning theory to create your plan.

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