Writing Literature Review-yzhao

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This is write about literature review. I already done with 9 sources literature review part, please help me add at least 3 sources. Total must be at least 12 sources. and add 3 pages. Total pages > 9 pages. My work part is attached in file, please copy and past as Word version.

My topic is : Virtual reality as a Way to Treat Mental and Emotional Conditions (PTSD, Depression)

The detailed writing instruction is post in the attached file.

Basic Requirements: Literature Review

  • Minimum nine 9!!!!! double-spaced pages in length, with the norm being 10-11
  • Incorporates 12!!!!! sources, of which 10 should be peer-reviewed (these are the same as those you’ve annotated in the AB)
  • Provides an answer to your research question in a structured narrative and employs your research findings to compile that answer. Please see the document “What is a literature review?” post in the attached file.

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