Argument Essay + Prospectus

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Argument Essay – 1200 Words, Plus Prospectus

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For the argument essay, you will write an essay in which you cite at least three sources. These sources must include peer-reviewed journal articles and books (not general encyclopedias). Absolutely NO internet sources, include Wikipedia, may be used. I will provide the account for accessing the school library website if it is necessary. About the sources, provide whatever photo, scan, or digital copies and highlight the part which was used, provide the whole paper for journal, the cover (include the information about the name of book, author, and publisher) and the page which was used for a book. All of the sources must be correctly cited in the essay and on the works cited page, using MLA8 format.


1. Irresponsible pet owners and legal consequences;

2. Sexist stereotypes in advertising;

3. Community service as a college graduation requirement

(Inform me after decide the topic)

For the Prospectus, write in following type.

A. The stand I propose for my argument paper is (This is not your thesis statement or the prompt):

B. The examples I hope to use to prove my point are (more than 3):

C. At this point, my tentative thesis is: (The examples in B formulate the thesis)

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