Autism Center

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Assume that you are awarded with 20 K Rials Omani by the government through AL RAFD FUND and you need to use this amount to start a new Autism Center. From that case, you are required to do research work and develop a report based on the patch works specified below.

the business idea is Autism Center. (Located in OMAN)

Patch 1:

– The Importance of environmental scanning or environment analysis.

– The industry you are entering.( in a historical and a geohraphical sense)

– A look at changes, advancements and trends over the last 3-5 years. (local, national, internationnal)

– Describe how and where your particular business fits into the industry and why there is an opportunity for your business.

Patch 2: Should give full detail regarding the elements of the marketing mix:

– Product (lists, features, variety, etc)

– Price (list, strategy to be applied, etc)

– Promotion (materials, strategies to be applied)

– Place (channels of distribution if needed, etc)

** Total word count = 1200 words

** In-text citations and Referencing using Harvard Style

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