English literature

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Good evening.

I have an assignment in which I am a little bit too busy and overworked to do, have so many assignments that I cant do them all lol

in this assignment, two texts needs to be picked out of the textbook, but there is no need for that because on Google it is easy to find.

Invisible man

from black boy

these titles can be found on sparknotes.com, the summary of it is available and analysis.

as for the essay’s format, it should be as follows.

introduction: the two texts i mentioned “invisible man, and from black boy” also the reason why these two texts are chosen, and a summary

Body paragraph 1: what changes do the author want to make in the way we think, and what actions the author want us to make (invisible man).

Body paragraph 2: same thing as the first paragraph for (from black boy)

Body Paragraph 3: compare and contrast between them

Body paragraph 4: connect them to current event or personal experience

Conclusion: suggest to make action and summary everything.

I hope it is not so difficult, it needs to have 3-4 pages, and please no plagiarism.

thank you, if you have any questions message me.

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