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Complete Skill-Building Exercise 12-3 as a team, choosing one of the examples or coming up with your own.

Win–Win Bargaining

The class is organized into groups of six, with each group being divided into two negotiating teams of three each. The members of the negotiating teams would like to find a winwin (collaborative) solution to the issue separating the two sides. The team members are free to invent their own pressing issue, or they can choose one of the following:

  • Management wants to control costs by not giving cost-of-living adjustments in the upcoming year. The employee group believes that a cost-of-living adjustment is absolutely necessary for its welfare.
  • The marketing team claims it could sell 350,000 units of a jeweled smartphone case if it could be produced at $40 per unit. The manufacturing group says it would not be feasible to get the manufacturing cost below $50 per unit.
  • Taco Bell would like to build in a new location that is adjacent to a historic district in one of the oldest cities in North America. The members of the town planning board would like the tax revenue and jobs that the Taco Bell store would bring, but they do not want a Taco Bell restaurant (or store) adjacent to the historic district.

After the teams have arrived at their solutions through high-level negotiating techniques, the creative solutions can be shared with teammates.

2-3 page. no copy!! APA style.

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