American company doing business overseas, management homework help

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Write an answer on these 2 question?

1. The answer for below question should be in 250 words

Research an American company doing business overseas. If possible, use a company from your chosen industry. Focus on two risks of international business operations and explain in detail what these risks mean for the company you have researched. How can the industry’s key characteristics mitigate or exacerbate the risks for this company? What benefits would offset these particular risks?

2. Write a Power Point, attached text book questions for chapters below

You must choose four questions from ‘Discussion Questions’ for chapter 20 and three questions from ‘Discussion Questions’ for chapter 21.

You should include the following slides for your presentations:

One slide per question – with brief high level answer along with speaker notes in each slide (at least 8 slides and speaker notes)

The speaker notes are mandatory and it should be very clear for every slide

Closing slide/Thank you

NO Plagiarism and NO safe assign Please

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