critical thinking questions

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it has 25 questions, there just few examples. you can check the document to finish the 25 questions.

1. The expression debate questions used in argument refers to

2. All racists have shaved heads.

Jerry does not have a shaved head.

Therefore, Jerry is not a racist.

Is the above argument “valid”? Explain your answer.

VALID/NOT VALID (circle one, then explain)

3. “people think non-violence is really weak and non-militant. These are misconceptions that people have because they don’t understand what non-violence means. Non-violence takes more guts, if I can put it bluntly, than violence…We are convinced that non-violence is more powerful than violence. We are convinced that non-violence supports you if you have a just and moral cause. If you use violence, you have to sell part of yourself for that violence. Then you are no longer a master of your own struggle.” (Cesar E. Chavez)

Analyze the argument above by underlining the conclusion and numbering the premises(reasons) given.

4.“No doctor should have the right to allow a patient to die. No doctor is God.”

Identify the conclusion and the premise in the above statement (i.e. which sentence is the conclusion, and which is the premise?)

5. “If only 1 percent of the car owners in America did not use their cars for one day a week, they would save 42 million gallons of gas a year and keep 840 million pounds of CO2 out of the atmosphere.”

Express the implied conclusion in the above statement

6. None of Alice’s friends are business majors.

Deborah is not a friend of Alice.

Therefore, Deborah is not a business major.

Is the above argument “valid”? Explain your answer.

VALID/NOT VALID (circle one, then explain).

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