deviance of sociology

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1. Jesus is a budding criminologist in Puerto Rico. He has heard that scholars such as Emile Durkheim and Anthony Giddens (i.e., the functionalist sociologists), claimed that deviance has some functions. A. Write a letter to Jesus explaining some four functions of deviance, giving illustrative examples. B. Explain to him what sociologists mean by the concepts “defining deviancy down and up”, give three examples and explain each one of them. C. Additionally, explain to him whether or not a deviance-free or crime-free society is possible. D. What would such a society look like? Explain.

Compare and contrast structural strain theory of deviance and
cultural transmission theory/differential association theory of deviance. Which
theory in your view makes more sense to you? You should be able to highlight
their respective policy implications and their respective critiques.

Racism, heightism and sexism are controversial concepts. You
have a friend in Brail, Ramos, who is interested in the sociology of race and
ethnicity. He is curious about the affects of racism, heightism and sexism. A. Write
a letter to Ramos explaining to him the meaning, effects and differences and
similarities of these three concepts. B. Explain and discuss some three types
of racism and their respective effects. C. Concerning racism, heightism and
sexism, which one of the three has the most deleterious effects in your
society? D. Explain to him the which the three are essentially theoretically
similar in the United States.

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