Emotional Intelligence in workplace

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  • Instruction Material
    Information about sections within the course project and specific instructions for each area
  • SRIS Key
    For use after receiving MSCEIT results (week 3 and 4). The SREIS Key is needed to determine the level which the student initially rated themselves in each of the four branch abilities.
    Once students have their MSCEIT feedback report, they will compare the answers they offered when they self-rated themselves using the SREIS – to – their actual abilities which were determined by the MSCEIT. Look at Part A of Course Project Part I; last question.

Section II: Comparing SRIS Results to MSCEIT Results

This is the question:

Refer to your SREIS Report (this was one of the self-assessments you completed the 1st week of the semester.) Using the key provided by the instructor, determine your assessment of your emotional intelligence in the 4 branch areas. Compare and discuss results. (20 points)

Some students have a problem completing this question. Given that I provide instructions as well as provide a key for students to understand the SREIS questions – to – Ability Branch Area, this assignment seems very intuitive to me. However, if you have a question as you are comparing your SREIS self-assessment vs your MSCEIT results, please contact me.

Students are graded on their critical thought in relation to the two sets of answers – self-assessment (SRIES) and formal assessment (MSCEIT.)
Did you think you were more skilled in the area than you actually were?
Why do you think that is so?
Those are the type of thoughts I expect from students in this area.

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