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You have already developed your Working Thesis Statement, Outline, and Starting Draft. You’ve also received helpful feedback from your instructor. Now it’s time to create your Rough Draft in a new Word document. To do this, you will use the questions in each section below to fill in any missing information. You’ll also incorporate the feedback you received from your instructor. Your Word document should include two sections: 1.) Rough Draft and 2.) Feedback Reflection. It’s exciting to see how far your essay has come in just a few short weeks!

Introduction Paragraph(s) Did you grab the reader’s attention? (For example, by using statistics, a personal story, a compelling statement, a question, etc.) Is your thesis statement well-constructed? Does it tell the reader what your essay is about? Does it communicate your position? Is it one or two sentences long? Did you provide enough background information to help your audience understand the subject matter and your position? Did you define key terms for your audience?

Body Paragraphs Does each paragraph include a topic sentence? What are your main supporting points? What questions might the reader have that you should address? What transitions do you use to move from one idea to the next, and from one paragraph to the next? How do you use the three audience appeals. Logic: Do you persuade your audience that your position is logical and reasonable? Do you include facts and sources to back up your claims? Credibility: Do you persuade your audience that you are credible and trustworthy by using the appropriate point of view, voice, tone, examples, and credible sources? Are your points ethical and honest? Emotion: Do you appeal to the emotions of your audience by framing your position as a problem they can relate to or with which they can sympathize?

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