Question 2 Mid Term

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For your midterm essay, select ONE of the questions below and write an essay 2-3 pages in length answering the question with little outside research. In other words, your answer should be unique and in your own voice.

A proper essay should contain an introduction with a thesis statement, several supporting body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph with reliable sources, if any, to support your arguments. Do Not Use Wikipedia.

Make sure to cite your sources according to MLA or Chicago/Turabian writing manuals. Also, review East Los Angeles College’s library definition of plagiarism by clicking hereLinks to an external site..

Remember, if you use more than three sequential words of another person, website, etc, cite the author. If you paraphrase an original idea or concept of another, cite the author.

  1. How did the colonists benefit from being part of the British Empire? Describe the role with trade that each colonial region in British North America played in the Atlantic World.
  2. Identify the three major ways that the U.S. Constitution addressed the institution of slavery. Would you say the Constitution was a pro-slavery or an antislavery document? Explain your answer.

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