​The Final Draft Composition

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The Final Draft Composition

In M3 Assignment 1 RA 1, you submitted the first draft of your research paper. By now, you will have received feedback from your instructor and several classmates on your paper.

Incorporate this feedback into your research paper. Rewrite any section as required. In addition, you may decide to add to the paper or modify or delete sections of the paper on the basis of the inputs and recommendations received from your instructor. Conduct your own assessments of whether to include additional material, rewrite sections for better clarity, incorporate visuals, or make any modifications to enhance the content of your research paper.

Particularly, you should address the following areas in your research paper:

  • Does the paper exhibit logical consistency?
  • Do conclusions follow from the data and its analysis?
  • Have gaps in research data been identified and explained?

All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.

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