write about 3 specific brief case

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Each case brief will be completed in the same format. Court cases are discussed throughout
the textbook. Choose a court case (i.e. Miranda v. Arizona) you are interested in researching.
Find and read the court case. You may use a court case discussed in the textbook, or you may
use the media tools listed below to find it. After you have chosen your case, read How to Brief a
Case in Chapter 1 on pages 27 – 29 and turn it in before the assigned due date. Use the format
provided in the textbook to complete each case brief. Each case brief must be completed in
the format outlined in the textbook. Any other format will not be accepted. You will
ultimately choose a total of four cases to research and read. Please type your name in the
upper left corner of your assignment.
Media Tools
1. “US Supreme Court website” – www.supremecourt.gov2. “Findlaw Legal Information website” – www.findlaw.com
3. ASU Library – http://www.astate.edu/a/library/index.dot
4. State run websites dedicated to cases that originated from that state.

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