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In your essay, I’d like you to discuss your actual writing and research process to this point in your education. Please note that I am looking for your actual process, not the ideal one or the one you think I want you to have. Points to consider:

  • What do you actually do when faced with a substantial writing and research assignment?
  • How do you approach such an assignment?
  • How do you find sources and navigate deadlines?
  • Who, if anyone, usually reads it and provides feedback on your writing and grammar?

Once you’ve discussed your approach, reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of what you do, incorporating your grade history and feedback from past teachers. What changes, if any, do you anticipate making to your process in order to handle college-level writing and research expectations? What do you think those expectations are?

hypothetical Info

  • My academic strength – Mathematics and weakness- English
  • I got A in all of math courses (pre-calculus, finite math, discrete math)
  • Computer science is my major
  • I took two computer courses so far (intro to CS (A+), Intro to programming Using C# (B-))
  • Planning on transferring to four-year college after associate degree
  • English is my second language


  • It should be just 2 pages long
  • It must also be formatted following MLA style conventions.
  • Should use simple language

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