Write story in essage form 750 words minimum

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Write a story in essay form, minimum 750 words, about a moment in time that has impacted you greatly, or changed you, especially in terms of choosing the healthcare

Think about the story that you’re choosing to tell, and why it is meaningful. For example, maybe you wish to share the story of a relative’s heroic battle with cancer, and the nurse who did everything in his or her power to comfort and care for not only your relative, but the family members as well. The meaning of this story may be that it inspired you to become a nurse.

Note that you are not writing in pure short story format, but rather in Academic Essay Format, as we have learned about in week 3, with an introduction (to provide context for the story and its meaning, and the central idea of the story or the thesis statement); a body (to develop the main points of the story and present the emotional high point); and a conclusion (to tie the narrative back to that central idea presented in the introduction and offer the wisdom found it the story).

Grading rubric is attached.

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