Writing a Narrative Story

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In this 4-5 page assignment, you will tell a story about a particular time in your life. This time should be about the topic in your proposal. A good story thrives on tension, so the moment you choose should be filled with both external and internal conflict.

Remember, while we might write early drafts for ourselves, we are ultimately writing for others. A good story makes the reader feel as if they are right there. In order to accomplish this, you will need to have vivid description, create complex characters, and have clear writing.

It is important that you illustrate why this was such a crucial moment in your life. To do this, you must have reflection throughout your essay.

Finally, because this is a writing process class, you need to reflect on your writing experience in the attached cover memo. NOTE: This does not count towards your word count or page-length requirement.


You will be assessed on how well you utilize:

The narrative arc to create tension

Pathos through scenes (description, characters, and so forth)

Pathos and ethos through reflection

Logos through effective organization (overall structure and paragraphs)

Ethos with professional writing (minimal errors, appropriate voice)

Following conventions (MLA formatting)

Reflective Cover Memo (see attachment)

Note: Extract the narrative story from the attached file(Writing Journal 2 file)

Also, write a reflective memo in a one page as the attached file

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