Applied Numerical Analysis Excel Assignment

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5 Problems

Problem 1

Create a function that will have a numerical grade as an input and output the corresponding
letter grade according to the scale below.

Problem 2

Create a subroutine that will create a 10 x 10 times table (4 x 4 example below) on an excel
worksheet using at least one for loop.

Problem 3

Create a function for linear interpolation between two points according to the formula below
where x, x1, x2, y1, and y2 will be inputs to the function.

= 2 − 1 ( − 1) + 1
2 − 1

Problem 4

Find the trend line for the following data (must show chart).

Problem 5

Create a subroutine that will output to a spreadsheet the minimum, maximum, average, and
median of the input data below.

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