Assignment 7.1: Adapted Lesson Plan

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Assignment 7.1: Adapted Lesson Plan

Adapted Lesson Plan

You will submit a lesson plan that is written specifically for including a student with a disability in a general education classroom. The assignment includes the following components:

1. Student description (1-2 page)

2. Lesson Plan

3. Reflection (2-3 page)

Please describe the student(s) first that you may have in your future classroom. This description may include student’s age, grade, disability category e.g. autism, intellectual disability etc. and any relevant demographic information. Once you have provided this basic description, you will then describe the student’s characteristics in detail including strengths, interests and challenges. These characteristics may be discussed in various domains such academic, cognitive, social and behavioral characteristics.

For the lesson plan, you can use any lesson plan template you like; however, it should include essential elements of a lesson plan such as lesson objectives, relevant standards, instructional strategies, assessment plan, vocabulary and lesson procedures including opening, middle and closing. You will clearly show by highlighting how you will differentiate instructional strategies and assessment for an imaginary student that you have chosen. You will include accommodations/modifications for the student(s) as well. I have attached a lesson plan format that you may consider using for this assignment. Again, you do not have to use this format.

Please remember to include NYS Common Core standards. Subject must be English can be based from any grades from 7 – 12.

You will then write a reflection of your lesson plan that focuses on how your lesson plan will support student learning, how you will monitor student learning, and the rationale that guided your selection of specific strategies and materials. You will justify the inclusion of these strategies using “best practices”, readings and/or outside research. Please include at least 5 peer reviewed references at the end of your paper. These references need to follow APA style.

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