Creat 5 article literature review on social issue of your choice and short explanation

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As a social scientist, you may be asked to provide an informed opinion on topics that are socially relevant. In order to do this, you need to know how to find credible sources of information based on social science research. The best place to look for credible sources is through library databases that house academic peer-reviewed journals.
For this assignment,

In this assignment, you will identify a current social issue to explore, you will STATE your topic of interest and write a mini-literature review
based on the five articles you find on your social science issue.
Once you have summarized your literature, discuss the concepts of multidisciplinarity and
interdisciplinarity, including why interdisciplinarity is considered important in the social sciences . Using
your articles as examples, discuss how your topic has been examined by individual social science
disciplines and how an interdisciplinary perspective enhances our understanding.

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