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Your final Key Assignment for this course will be an APA-style paper with a minimum of 8 peer-reviewed journal references evaluating this company’s diversity issues.

Complete your final Key Assignment by making revisions to your Phase 4 IP based on feedback provided by the instructor and your classmates, then complete Part 2 as specified below.

Part I

A complete Key Assignment will include an APA-style paper. The paper will include all of the following required sections:

  1. Company Information
    • Give a brief description of the company that you will be studying throughout the course.
  2. Diversity Overview
    • Identify the company’s diversity policies, procedures, initiatives, and programs.
    • Summarize the efforts that the company has made to address diversity throughout the organization.
  3. Leaders and Managers
    • How does the company that you selected address diversity at the highest leadership levels?
    • Does it demonstrate a corporate responsibility related to diversity?
    • Do the leaders and managers encourage a corporate culture supporting diversity?
  4. Diversity Data
    • Include any available statistical data on the company’s diverse populations (gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, etc.), and analyze whether the data support the company’s stated efforts to support diversity.
  5. Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company relating to diversity.
    • Discuss how its diversity strengths and weaknesses impact upon perceptions of fairness, justice, social problems, social change, and respect.
  6. Effectiveness
    • Are the company’s efforts effective?
    • Explain how the company’s policies and programs positively impact perceptions of fairness, justice, social problems, social change, and respect.
  7. Literature Review
    • Select 1 diversity topic that has been addressed in the company that you are studying (e.g., hiring more women or recruitment efforts for Hispanic people) for further research.
    • Conduct a literature review on that topic, and add the research findings to the paper.
    • This literature review section should include a minimum of 4 peer-reviewed journal articles.

Part 2

Add the following final sections to your paper:

  1. Recommendations (600–800 words)
    • Make specific recommendations for action steps that the company can take to improve upon its diversity programs and better support diversity throughout the organization.
  2. Conclusion (150300 words)
    • Add a concluding statement on the importance of developing ways to ethically and effectively address issues of diversity to achieve positive outcomes.

The Key Assignment must include a minimum of 8 scholarly resources (4 of which must be peer-reviewed journal articles within the Literature Review section).

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