Essay 2 ( NO PLAGIARISM ) 1000 words

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Introspective Essay Guide

Requirements:12 Point Font, Times New Roman, MLA Format. 1000 Words. Double Spaced

Introduction:(1 Paragraph)Start with the sentences “One of the most important arguments and beliefs that I carry today concerns…” Then spend at least four sentences introducing the idea of your argument and what you plan to discuss.

Outside Argument: ( 1 Paragraph) “I’ve read BLANK by BLANK and I completely disagree with their point of view” Then go on to discuss their point of view fully and fairly. It is key here, to show that you understand the opposing point of view.

Point 1-3,4,5: (1-2 Paragraphs) This is unlimited. Meaning that you have different aspects of this argument to explore, then you’re going to have numerous points with numerous paragraphs. You must first figure out how many points you’re planning to make. A healthy number usually is four to five. After that, you can then order them from LEAST IMPORTANT to MOST IMPORTANT.

Conclusion: “I have explored the topic of Blank” Then make you concluding statements that should not range no farther than six sentences.

This is the time to start thinking of developing a solid argument for your last paper. In order to do this, you’re going to have to explore different arguments and your perspectives on each. So think about something that you’re really passionate about and then consider the current conversations people are having about your belief. Once you’ve done this, find some published material that speaks the opposite of your stance in order to give you something to argue against.

Please use the reference guide I’ve attached if you’re having trouble. Below are some links to current issues people are having. You don’t have to use these. The links are there to generate ideas.

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